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Life Advice for a 19 Year Old

At the age of 19, young people have the notion that everything revolves around them, with people always looking at them, parents comparing them with others, feeling like they are being watched. They also think that they know everything and have total control over their lives. Some of them have an idea that they can fix all the world’s problems, becoming present day heroes. This way, they feel like full grown-ups and don’t think that they need the older people in their lives, but the truth is that they need them no more than ever. At this age, youngsters cannot pass through life without the proper guidance, and if they do, they will end up miserable.

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He should be reminded that there is so much time for luxuries such as having a killer body, with abs and a flat tummy. Comparing oneself to those who look beautiful in skinny bodies will just leave one depressed. Those with flat tummies sometimes force themselves to be vegetarians even if the food is disgusting. You have a whole lifetime ahead of you, when you will eat those vegetables, workout at the gym for that perfect body. At 19, eat all the fries, all the burgers and shakes. Even though you might be criticized, those who might criticize you might even join in the meal if those skinny ones see your confidence.

If you're in a relationship, don't

If you’re in a relationship, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out. Remember that you are beautiful or handsome, deserving of all the love in this world. If anyone makes you feel otherwise, or unworthy, leave him or her to be. Don’t live your life like he’s the one because you still have a long life ahead of you. Remember that your happiness comes first in every situation, so if he doesn’t make you happy, someone else will. Set yourself free and experience love to the fullest. As life continues, you will discover the importance of friends and their impact on your life.

Life Advice for a 19 Year Old

Friends can make a person a winner or a loser. It is important to have good buddies who always have your back, who ensure that you are the best version of your friends. There are friends who just want to be around you maybe since you have an impact on their lives. Find buddies who will make sure to achieve your dreams, who will make sure to make your life better with each passing day. This means that your buddies need to be honest and real no matter how bad the truth will hurt you. Build your relationship with God and with others because it is the most important relationship.

It is at this age that youngsters go through the worst times emotionally and psychologically. Some situations are hard to explain to your parents, making you the only one who can understand to be God. Learn more about God, about what he wants to do with your life, the promises he has and life will definitely be easier. Anytime it is impossible to explain anything to anyone, he is the only one that can understand you. After building this relationship, it is automatic that your relations with people will improve drastically.

Get to know yourself better, by spending more time alone figuring out what it is that you enjoy doing, things you cannot stand. This is where it might be hardest because most youngsters enjoy the company of others even more than their own company. Realize that before understanding others, understand yourself, since it is not possible to know your kind of friends if you don’t even know what your hobbies are, what you hate doing. Try to spend time alone, meditating on your own, trying to figure out yourself.

Remember to make the right career choices at this stage, keeping in mind that it is easier to have what you enjoy doing as your career. Doing things with passion makes it enjoyable even during the most stressful times. You will have a better opportunity of exploring new ideas with creativity. All these things begin with you, focusing on oneself will result in a better life. Take the law of attraction everywhere you go, attracting only what is desired, just throw it out to the universe, and it will come back to you.