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Paris Hilton Life Story

Paris Hilton passed through a traumatic scandal which brought her to a decision of not trusting another man again. Her boyfriend leaked on the internet a sex tape this really affected Paris. All this brought up trust issues to her, it all started from going to Provo Canyon School. This brought up a traumatic time while she was at a boarding school. She passed through a lot she was constantly bullied and abused by the staff. When she attempted to tell her parents about the alleged mistreatment, the staff would hang up the phone punish her and take away the phone privileges. This meant that she was not supposed to tell her family, when she tried to write them a letter about it the staff would rip up the letter.

It resulted to her being cut off from the outside would, the biggest regret that happened to her life was when the tape was aired. She claims she wished she had never met the man bringing her to a point where she won’t be able to trust people in general. Paris never opened her heart ever in situation where she was in love she did it to display a perfect life and everything, but behind the closed doors it was a different story all totogether.

Hilton love herself this being the

She had an extensive list of engaged twice first she dated Paris Latsis in the year 2005 and later on dated Chris Zylka in the year 2018. Currently, she is dating an entrepreneur Carter Reum who is 39 years of age she says things have changed for the better. She feels so amazing to feel in love for the first time and be open to it. When she started dating this entrepreneur she didn’t really even know herself because she was lost and finally feels like she knows whom she was.

Hilton love herself this being the reason why she let someone into her heart. She literally put it all out there and people finally know who she is. Paris intends not to let people with bad intention in anymore she only surrounded herself with positive people with good intentions. The heiress has put in the work to prove she is more than a sex tape. Paris is a successful Dj, performing at events across the world.

Paris Hilton Life Story

New York is her hometown in the year 1981, in their family they were born three children, and she is 39 years old. Her nationality is American, Paris studied in at Saint Paul the Apostle Church, and she is a graduate. She has a paparrazi pet and where she goes she must have it. On the year 2018 she announced her engagement to actor Chris Zylka.

The model is a frequent party-goer and is a close friend of model Kim Kardashian, and also an avid dog-lover. This famous personality wears shoes size 11 which are not easily available in the readymade footwear market. Hence, her designers always have to custom-make her shoes. This famous heiress and socialite, trademark her popular quote that’s hot in the year 2004.