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The Best Advice To A Lost 21 Year Old

Life is a mystery that humans try to figure a solution even when they understand the challenges ahead. Things happen to enable you to cope with every cycle of life. Your life cannot be the same, you will have joy, experience pain, encounter different situations, but giving up should never be on your bucket list. People between the ages of 21 and 25 tend to get more confused because at this age, they think about settling, being financially stable or self-dependent. Once you understand that everything happens in God’s time, you will see every challenge as a breakthrough to your success.

Being lost is not the end

Being lost is not the end of the world, some decisions are made hastily. There is always a chance to revert, go to the drawing board and realize your mistakes. It’s never too late to ask for forgiveness, change your bad ways by writing your new resolutions. The major mistake you make is comparing their lifestyle with their friend’s. Set your goals and objectives then work towards achieving them. Comparing your goals to another person’s makes people feel like a failure, you live to please others and not the way your heart desires. Going milestones will never be easy for the mind to be programmed to think mature people are better than you.

God grant us what a person

God grant us what a person professes by his mouth, if you decide to do great, avoid bad companies and live happily, that is what will definitely happen. Change is inevitable, strive to do your best to make yourself proud, nothing else matters like being contented with oneself. Bad company corrupts good morale, leaving the group marks the first step in your new life. A second chance to make everything right, select better choices and conquer the world. The bible, reminds us to acknowledge our wrong doings, ask for forgiveness and start a fresh.

The Best Advice To A Lost 21 Year Old

Time is too short to waste your 21 years giving up, making a name and leaving a legacy behind. Do your best to be remembered, appreciated, loved, and be at peace. Success is sweet, it is earned through hard work, wake up persevere hardship to achieve what you want. The journey matters because every journey has a story whether happy or sad. Give it your all and create good memories that will mark your new journey of success. Handle problems the right way, don’t let everyone know, some will use it to their advantage. Once an enemy learns of your weakness, they always know what to do to worsen the situation.

Be prayerful, learn to pray and share your problems with God. Everything happens as planned, God gives you what you can handle. Prayer opens new doors for opportunities by making impossible things possible. Being prayerful allows you to see and take everything as they appear. Forgiving, letting go is easy, carrying people’s burden only makes your heart ache. Spend time talking to God to avoid planning evil, doing bad deeds that will cause harm to those around you. God provides us with what we ask, it may take longer but will eventually come to pass.

Love yourself, to prevent you from doing things without thinking critically or making hasty decisions. Listen to advice from people, discern them, then make judgement in a rational manner. Spend money on experiences, take chances, weigh your capabilities, don’t be afraid to take chances. You will realize the miles you can go by trying and seeing every opportunity as a chance to grow to become an expert. A life lost can always be recovered it’s never too late. Change the tactics, adopt the new style of living, life will be better. Be content with what you have, lust will make you steal, live with bitterness and see the world as the worst place to stay.

Nobody gets everything their heart desires, but this should never make you bitter or rather do bad things. Live happily, set goals, achieve success, stop comparing yourself to others. Take your time, be patient, you will be successful when your time arrives, pray hard and be hopeful. Chances happen for the most prepared mind: don’t give up, be resilient and be ready to fight for what you feel is right. Claim your happy moments to live better without any regrets and enjoy your time. Make a U turn to live for your future life, kids.